Your are no more simple SUBSCRIBER but a ‘Smart Contributor’

‘SUBSCRIBER’ You are the real fans who made our industry to flourish all these years just expecting entertainment. Bucky House strongly believes atleast some thing to give back in addition.
On BUCKY HOUSE you are not just SUBSCRIBER but a ‘Smart Contributor’ who make some return on his spent on entertainment.

“Our aim is to enable the BUCKY Coin for a wide variety of purposes”

  • Contribute to BUCKY HOUSE and secure the BUCKY coins at specific price.
  • Use the coins to access the various types of content on bucky.
  • If you find interesting projects on bucky pavillion, contribute your share and secure the returns from such projects which shall appraise the value of your contribution.
  • The value of BUCKY coins you buy to access the content is expected to flourish with own content acquired (or) developed by BUCKY HOUSE and also the revenue streams expected to grow with third party content owners / production houses / celebrity content / EBOOKS authors and publishers / Music albums.